Home School Communication

Home-school Communication

Children can grow better if there is good communication and cooperation among family, school and the community. Parents are important partners in children’s learning journey; they are also valuable resources to the school. Parents’ involvement in school can provide significant contribution to school teaching and learning, and supports the continuous development of the school. Thus, it is very important to establish a trusting relationship between the school and parents.  Our School provides different channels for parents to participate in children’s education. Parents can participate regularly or when necessary according to their needs..

Home-school Collaboration

21thParent-Teacher Group in 2020-2021 School Year (Only Chinese Version)




盧少娜  女士     周朝英  女士    荊曉紅  女士     楊潔欣  女士

黃逸聰  先生     劉欣錡  女士    譚雅云  女士


22thParent-Teacher Group in 2021-2022 School Year (Only Chinese Version)


郭芷凌  女士


盧少娜  女士    黃汝麒  先生   馮燕婷  女士    蘇愷韻  女士    陳桂芝  女士

譚雅云  女士    劉欣錡 女士    劉淑雯  女士    阮衞俊  先生

To create a better communication channel for home-school cooperation, members of the parent-teacher group will come to school regularly or have online meetings.