Integrated Education

Children are independent individuals with different personalities, abilities, interests, and developmental paces. They may have different languages, cultures and living habits. Our teachers cater these differences in abilities and learning needs with care and understanding. Upholding the principle of integrated education, we help children achieve appropriate development,  enabling them to develop their strengths and realize their potential.

Non-Chinese speaking Children/Newly-arrived Children

Non-Chinese speaking children/newly-arrived children may encounter challenges in language communication and learning. their abilities and interests are also diverse and may require special care and support on some of the skills and knowledge in daily life. With appropriate class and grouping arrangement, the school promotes and encourages interaction with peers to create an integrated and supportive school life for these children.

Children withSpecial Education Needs 

Integrated Programme for Children with Mild Disabilities

The school provides mildly disabled children with individual support covering different learning areas. There will be individual and group training. In terms of individual training, SEN teachers tailor individual education plan according to children’s abilities and needs, to ensure children’s holistic development in all areas: including gross and fine motor skills, language, social-emotional, self-care, and cognition. In terms of group training, children have art activities at least once a week.


The proposed learning objectives and education plan shall consider the needs of the children and the opinions from professional therapists. The principal holds meetings with SEN teachers regularly to follow the learning progress of these children and to support SEN teachers with their teaching, ensuring that SEN children can receive appropriate learning and training. The school also provides an adaptation schedule to support SEN children during their adaptation to the school. This schedule can be adjusted to according to their individual needs. Our SEN teachers will observe, counsel and evaluate these children throughout, in order to facilitate their integration into the class.

On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services Pilot Scheme