Course Features

Nurture joyful, confident, kind and healthy children in the love of Christ.

Joyful Children 

Confident Children

Kind Children

Healthy Children

The child-centered curriculum encourages children to take learning on their own hands. According to children’s developmental characteristics, abilities and interests, we designed different learning themes and research projects for children to carry out exploration. Children conduct their own investigations on different topics, carry out research, observation, assumption and experiments. Children plan their research and investigation through large group discussions, and then do studies in groups. Children will be responsible for different jobs in their research according to their own preferences and abilities. Throughout the process, children aquire different areas of knowledge, develop skills and positive attitudes. Teachers support and facilitate children’s learning throughout the process; ensuring children are well supported and assisted when in need.

Our school also operates the forest-school programme. The forest-school programme aims to allow teachers and students to re-connect with the nature and to think about our relationship with the environment. Through specially designed experience and activities, children learn through games and develop skills in different trainings. Children carry out exploration in the nature and use natural materials such as wood, stone, mud, water, and bamboo to create their own play. The interaction between children and the nature fosters their creativity, enhances their resilience, and improve their intra and inter personal skills.

Return to the nature for a new learning experience.

In creative games, children use their creativity to construct their own games with natural materials.

Platform forest game: Starting from scratch, children construct their games with natural materials, creativity and imagination.

Platform forest games: Children learn to observe the flow of water, use different tools to block and retain water, and to cooperate with each other in the activity.

Carton maze

Spider web

Country park exploration: Go out of the school for a different learning experience. Children work together to light and maintain a stove fire.

Country park exploration: Explore the nature with multiple senses.

Country park exploration: Children are encouraged to challenge themselves with tree climbing.

Country park exploration: children challenge to climb a 2-meter high tree in the tree-house grange.

Country park exploration: Children practice their problem-solving ability in this river crossing challenge.