The Education Bureau announced on 5th May that classes of all schools in Hong Kong would resume by phases in a gradual and orderly manner.

As K3 students are generally better in self-management and they need to complete their kindergarten studies and make good preparations for their primary school education, K3 classes will resume on 15th June, to provide half-day classes to students within subject of adequate safeguards. The school will notified K3 parents of the class resumption arrangements and epidemic prevention measures via notice later. We look forward to providing a safe and healthy school environment for our students through home-school cooperation.

  As for students of N, K1 and K2 classes, due to their relatively young age and lower self-management ability, their classes will NOT resume through the rest of this school year for the purpose of epidemic prevention. To facilitate students’ study, the school will continue to upload study tasks for the period of school suspension, weekly study plans and videos for educational purpose on the school’s Intranet.

The Education Bureau would like to remind parents that there may be new threats to be posed by the epidemic. As the phased class resumption plan will run through several weeks, the Education Bureau will closely monitor the epidemic situation and promptly inform the parents if there is any change to the plan. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.